Check the internal or external diameters of any kind of parts, regardless of their constitutive materials.


Diameters matter !

The diameter of many parts is a crucial parameter: a piston and the cylinder in which it must slide, the bore of a gear or bearing and the shaft in which it’s inserted, packaging, a cutting tool for machining, etc. Our solutions provide easy, reliable and fast control of inner or outer diameters.

  • Contactless measurement

    Contactless measurement with air rings or air plugs is adapted to fast and accurate control of outer or inner diameters. It can’t damage the controlled part’s surface.

  • Contact measurement

    Contact measurement employs very accurate tactile sensors to control even small surfaces. It is mostly used in automated systems.

  • Inspection by industrial vision

    Diameter control by industrial vision analyses images of the inspected part. Its accuracy depends on the frame analyzed. It’s often used in an addition to other types of controls.

  • Automation

    Our dimensions measurement solutions can be augmented thanks to various automation options like parts conveying, gripping, handling, and sorting.

  • Software

    According to the need, our software can provide information for quick decisions (good / bad / unclear), detailed statistical analyses, ensures control traceability, and dynamically adjusts production parameters.

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