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Check up to 100% of the parts and systems you manufacture

For car manufacturers and their subcontractors, providing suitable quality products means respecting the geometrical specifications of their parts. However, industrial control solutions for dimension, shape and assembly must be compatible with large scale production, online or at-line. Our solutions can control your products quickly, reliably and automatically.

  • Geometrical Product Specifications

    With our dimensional control solutions, you can guarantee the compliance of your parts to your customer’s schematics. Thanks to automation, you can reliably check that tolerances are respected, while decreasing your control time.

  • Incorrect assembly

    The assembly of systems or sub systems requires control: presence of mechanical and electronic parts, clearance, soldering quality, material failure, etc. Our solutions offer online or at-line controls, and the integration of manufacturing steps like folding, cutting, etc.


  • Metrix GEO

    For controlling the geometry of parts with well-specified shapes : straightness, perpendicularity, parallelism, roundness, coaxiality, etc.

  • Inspex IN

    For non-destructive testing of the inside of assembled products.

  • Inspex OUT

    For high throughput and precise inspection of the assembly, aspect, or surface finish of your products.

  • FLEX

    Versatile solutions, designed with you to meet your needs.

  • Metrix OD

    For the automated control of outer diameters of shafts, tubes, and other cylindrical objects.