Orthopaedic implants

Ensure the quality of the orthopaedic implants you produce to enable a better quality of life for patients

The medical industry is constantly changing. New materials, design and production methods are driving innovation in the field of orthopaedic implants. These products are characterised by high geometric precision, high surface quality, long life and biocompatible design.


For an orthopaedic implants manufacturer, dimension control ensures a faster and sustainable return of patients to a better quality of life. Technically, it means providing a perfectly functioning prosthesis by avoiding excessive clearance or friction that can arise in mechanical assembly.



Setsmart Solutions

Our Setsmart solutions are optimised for complex dimensional controls and to ensure 100% reliability and repeatability on the quality of the orthopaedic implants you produce.


In an ever-changing environment, our advanced technologies, in-depth expertise and value-creating solutions give you an edge in the marketplace. Our solutions are specifically designed to meet the quality needs of your industry while ensuring compliance and reliability of your manufacturing process.

  • Vision inspection

    It allows the measurement of surface condition, angle, diameter, depth, or identification control. Vision dimension measurement analyses images of the outer surface of the part to be inspected.

  • Laser control

    It provides surface, angle, diameter or depth measurement. Laser profilometers are displacement sensors that collect height data along a laser line rather than at a point.

  • Tactile measurement

    It is reliable, repeatable and ideal for measuring gauge planes, taper and indentation. Tactile measurement uses highly accurate probes to carry out checks even on very small areas.

  • Non-contact measurement

    It is ideally suited for fast and accurate inspection of complex or sensitive parts, especially for cone and diameter measurement as there is no risk of damage to the surface of the part.

  • Inspex OUT

    For high throughput and precise inspection of the assembly, aspect, or surface finish of your products.

  • Metrix ONE

    For controlling your parts’ dimensions and shape simply, fast and economically

  • Metrix ID

    For controlling internal diameters of apertures and internal diameters and shape defects of bores.

  • Metrix OD

    For the automated control of outer diameters of shafts, tubes, and other cylindrical objects.

  • Metrix FILM

    For thickness measurements, offline or online, on static or moving films or parts.

  • Metrix GEO

    For controlling the geometry of parts with well-specified shapes : straightness, perpendicularity, parallelism, roundness, coaxiality, etc.

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